Karen L. Levian is a lawyer and registered nurse. She attended five years of nursing school at the University of Wisconsin and obtained a Bachelor of Science (BSN) degree in Nursing. After completing her education in nursing, she volunteered to join the United States Air Force, where she worked in surgical and medical units. Additionally, she worked in Pediatrics with children of active duty military. After serving the Air Force, Ms. Levian worked as a nurse in family planning and provided counseling and healthcare education. As a nurse, Ms. Levian advocated for and assisted people with health care issues. She counseled and educated patients and their families regarding health maintenance, wellness and prevention. While working full time, Ms. Levian spent four years at the University of Baltimore where she obtained a Juris Doctor degree (JD) in Law. Ms. Levian believed a nursing degree combined with a law degree was the best preparation for assisting people with claims for Social Security disability benefits.

A Social Security disability lawyer, Ms. Levian has a unique combination of skills. Her legal and medical experience are very valuable assets to people applying for Social Security disability benefits. The combination of skills makes her eminently qualified to represent you in your claim for Social Security disability benefits.

Social Security disability benefits are a financial lifeline, which gives you independence, self esteem, and peace of mind. Social Security Administration rules and procedures are complicated, confusing, and frustrating. When you are too frustrated, sick or tired to keep fighting for Social Security disability benefits, Ms. Levian and her staff have the energy to carry on your fight.

Ms. Levian is grateful to have obtained both nursing and law degrees, and to be able to combine her medical and legal training to advocate for people with claims for Social Security disability benefits. She is also grateful for the trust her many clients, their families and medical providers, as well as her own colleagues, place in her.

Levian Legal solely handles Social Security disability claims in the entire State of Maryland, as well as Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. We also handle nationwide claims.

For a free evaluation of your claim with the Social Security disability Nurse - Attorney, call (800) 701-4945 or (410) 433-4040 or complete the Contact Form on this page.

Trusted And Respected By Clients, Lawyers, And Judges

The most common thing clients say when talking to Maryland Social Security disability attorney Karen Levian is, "I knew I should call you. You're a nurse and you understand my situation."

Karen Levian has 20 years experience assisting people to obtain Social Security disability benefits.

Levian Legal handles ONLY claims for Social Security disability benefits.

Attorney Levian understands the complexities of the medical, financial, family, and legal issues you are facing.

You do not pay an attorney fee if you do not obtain Social Security disability benefits.

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