Social Security Disability

No longer able to work any of the jobs you held in the past 15 years? Unable to work any job in the national economy? If that description fits your situation, that is, you are unable to work due to a medical condition you have had, or are expected to have, for at least twelve months, speak to The Social Security disability Nurse-Attorney about your options. If you want to file a claim for Social Security disability benefits keep in mind you should be receiving medical treatment, that is, visiting a medical provider at least several times a year due to the condition(s) which you state makes you unable to work.

If you have a severe medical condition and are considering filing an application for Social Security disability benefits, you may obtain a free consultation (410) 433-4040. Timing an application for Social Security disability benefits is important for a winning claim. Keep in mind, for some people filing a claim at the moment is not advisable. Whether or not to apply for Social Security disability benefits is a complex decision, with which you should have the assistance of an experienced Social Security disability lawyer. Attorney Levian, an experienced Social Security disability attorney and nurse, will review your medical and work histories, walk you through the application and appeal process, and in a very simple and straight forward manner discuss with you the strengths and weaknesses of your claim.

The lawyer you choose to represent you in a claim for Social Security disability benefits is very important. Your lawyer should have years of experience handling SSDI and SSI initial application claims, appeals for reconsideration, Disability Determination Service (DDS) evaluations, and hearings with Administrative Law Judges (ALJ’s). Should your claim be denied at the hearing level you will want an attorney who can handle an Appeal at the Appeals Council and, if necessary, the Federal District Court. Attorney Levian has assisted people with claims for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), for more than 20 years.

Attempting to obtain disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) is a frustrating, challenging, and often confusing process. Attorney Levian’s medical background is a gold mine when it comes to reviewing medical records and drafting winning legal arguments. Attorney and nurse, Levian, understands the complexity of your medical history, living with the stress of daily life while managing chronic illness, as well as caring for loved ones with chronic conditions. Maryland Social Security disability lawyer, Karen Levian, brings this understanding and compassion to every client, conversation, and meeting. Clients often remark, “I knew I should call you. You’re a nurse and you understand my situation.”

To talk about the possibility of filing a new application for Social Security disability benefits, or to discuss an existing claim, call (410) 433-4040. We will obtain detailed information, review your medical and work histories, analyze your situation, and honestly discuss what is the best move for you. Keep in mind in order to prove you have a condition severe enough to cause you to be unable to work, you must have treatment for your condition and therefore medical records. Obtaining treatment is important because it shows you are attempting to get better, which might allow you to return to work in the future. It is vital that you have documentation of your attempts to do whatever you can to get better, for example, visits to a medical provider and compliance with the treatment plan.  

Every person we assist is an individual with a unique history. We are blessed with the ability to compassionately help others and enjoy doing so in an atmosphere of respect and dignity. We can electronically file online your initial claim for Social Security disability (SSDI). If your initial claim for SSDI and/or SSI is denied, we will electronically file your Appeal online. We ensure all appeals and medical records are submitted on time, so that your claim is not denied or dismissed for avoidable reasons. In addition, we make sure your medical records are updated and seen by the judge prior to your hearing.

Should you, the "claimant," be waiting for a hearing, it is vitally important you obtain representation. As for the attorney fee, all attorneys are paid the same under SSA regulation. You may not pay an attorney up front to handle a Social Security disability claim. Congress stated an attorney who handles a claim for Social Security disability benefits may receive twenty (25%) five percent of the past due benefits, also known as retroactive benefits, which may be awarded to the claimant, up to a maximum of $7,200.00, whichever is less. Therefore, in order for an attorney to be paid the maximum statutory attorney fee, which is $7,200.00, the claimant must be awarded at least $28,800.00, in past due/retroactive benefits. If the claimant is awarded more than $28,800.00, in past due/retroactive benefits, the attorney may only receive $7,200.00. If the claimant is not awarded past due/retroactive benefits, the attorney will not receive an attorney fee. If the claimant is awarded, for example, $1,000.00, in past due/retroactive benefits, the attorney will receive twenty (25%) five percent, which is $250.00. For further information please read our article, How Can I Afford to Hire An Attorney To Help Me With My Claim For Social Security Disability Benefits.

With Attorney Levian you are in capable hands. Attorney Levian will explain the hearing process to you, patiently review and answer all of your questions, facilitate your understanding of the hearing process, prepare you to speak, if necessary, to a Social Security Administration Administrative Law Judge, and passionately advocate for you at the hearing. Attorney Levian handles only Social Security disability cases, and represents people who live in Maryland including the Eastern Shore, as well as in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. For a free consultation call (410) 433-4040, or complete the contact form on this page.