Social Security Disability Benefits - General Overview

The Social Security Administration pays benefits under two programs: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Social Security disability benefits are available for people who are found eligible by the Social Security Administration.

To be eligible for benefits you must be found medically disabled by the Social Security Administration . You must also meet non-medical criteria to be found eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

The non-medical criteria for SSDI benefits is related to the number of quarters you have earned. You earn quarters by having money taken from your pay check and paid to Social Security. The amount of quarters you have earned, and when you earned the quarters all figure in to whether or not you remain insured for SSDI benefits.

The non-medical criteria for SSI benefits is related to your income and your resources, for example, cash, real estate, stocks, and bonds.

The application process is lengthy and extremely frustrating. Your physician may have told you to apply for Social Security disability benefits. However, you have a greater chance of being denied Social Security disability benefits than awarded benefits at the initial level of the application process.

If you receive a denial letter from the Social Security Administration, you may wonder if anyone at the Social Security Administration listened to a word you said about your disability. You may also think that no one at the Social Security Administration read your medical records.

The Social Security Administration contracts medical personnel to review your medical records. While past performance is no guarantee of future outcomes , Levian Legal has consistently obtained Social Security disability benefits for greater than 90% of the people we have assisted.

At Levian Legal, you have the advantage. You will have your own medical-legal team develop and present your claim for Social Security disability benefits to the Social Security Administration.

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