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Levian Legal was created by Attorney Karen L. Levian, who is also a registered nurse and a veteran of the United States Air Force. Attorney Levian obtained her BSN, (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), degree twenty years before returning to graduate school where she earned her JD degree, (Juris Doctor). Prior to becoming an attorney, Ms. Levian worked as a nurse-legal consultant. She reviewed medical records for personal injury attorneys in Maryland and managed Social Security disability claims.

Upon graduating from The University of Baltimore School of Law, and passing the Maryland Bar, Attorney Levian opened her own law office. To this day she is grateful to the many Baltimore attorneys who worked with her when she was a nurse-legal consultant, and who referred clients with claims for Social Security disability benefits to Levian Legal when the office opened. These attorneys knew of Attorney Levian’s experience in the field of Social Security disability benefits, understanding of the medicine and its relation to Social Security disability, quality of legal work, and overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients they referred. Due to the exceptional reputation Maryland Social Security disability lawyer, Karen Levian, has with clients, their families, and the attorneys who continue to refer new clients, Levian Legal continues today assisting people with claims for Social Security disability benefits. Levian Legal focuses solely on claims for Social Security disability benefits.

The award of claims for Social Security disability benefits depends on medical evidence. Medical evidence refers to medical records created by medical providers who evaluate and treat people. Without medical evidence which supports a disability claim, the Social Security Administration cannot award benefits.

Levian Legal’s focus on Social Security disability is the product of Attorney Levian’s keen interest and experience in medicine and law. A medical background is an advantage to the practice of Social Security disability law, especially when it comes to reviewing medical records, and communicating with people who are in a very difficult medical, and often financial situation. Reaching a point in one’s life where there is a need to file a claim for Social Security disability benefits may be highly emotional. The ability of Attorney Levian to listen to people, and hear “between the lines,” is a significant benefit to the understanding of, and communication with clients with medical problems. Furthermore, her medical background is an advantage when evaluating whether or not people may qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

Attorney Levian has years of medical and legal experience. She understands the complexities of the financial, legal, medical, and family issues people face when applying for Social Security disability benefits. Giving people time to tell their story, mindfully listening, acknowledging their feelings, discussing their concerns, and helping them find answers is what Levian Legal does best. Attorney Levian successfully combines her medical background, and legal experience to assist individuals to navigate the Social Security application and appeal process. Dealing with the SSA when you are in poor health requires more energy than many people, especially with chronic illness, have.

Levian Legal is grateful to be able to assist the people of Maryland, including the Eastern Shore, as well as Pennsylvania, Delaware, District of Columbia, Virginia, and West Virginia with claims for Social Security disability benefits.

Levian Legal is located at 606 Baltimore Ave #101, Towson, MD 21204. Not surprisingly, many of our clients are unable to travel, related to severe impairments, pain, compromised immunity, and/or lack of transportation. Levian Legal can assist you wherever you are most comfortable. It is not necessary for you to travel to the office in order to obtain representation in a claim for Social Security disability benefits.

The office is open Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The team at Levian Legal always enjoys seeing clients and wants to ensure all clients receive the time they need. Therefore, Levian Legal requests you call and obtain an appointment before visiting.

If you are concerned about how you can afford to hire an attorney to represent you in a claim for Social Security disability benefits, please read our article, How Can I Afford to Hire An Attorney To Help Me With My Claim For Social Security Disability Benefits.

You may schedule a free consultation by calling (410) 433-4040, or complete the Contact form.

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